adam tandy

After becoming neither an electrical engineer nor an actor, Adam joined the BBC as a studio floor assistant and ended up as the production executive on comedy programmes such as ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, FIST OF FUN, and THE FAST SHOW.

At some point in the nineties he started collaborating with Armando Iannucci, probably on SATURDAY NIGHT ARMISTICE (1995), and subsequently produced CLINTON: HIS STRUGGLE WITH DIRT (1998), THE ARMANDO IANNUCI SHOWS(2001), I’M ALAN PARTRIDGE (2002), ANGLIAN LIVES: ALAN PARTRIDGE (2003) (as director/producer), 2004:THE STUPID VERSION, TIME TRUMPET (2006), THE THICK OF IT (2005-2012), and IN THE LOOP (2009). Since then he has produced COME FLY WITH ME (2010), THE CRICKLEWOOD GREATS (2011), A TOUCH OF CLOTH (2012), INSIDE NO.9 (2013-present), DETECTORISTS (2014-15), CATASTROPHE (2015), and HOME (2018-2020).

Some non-producing credits include: ATOMIC TALES! (2006) (as writer), LAB RATS (2008) (as director). In 2017, he started Jantaculum, which continues to develop comedy and comedy-drama projects for the screen. He is currently producing THAT CHRISTMAS a feature CG animation written by Richard Curtis for Locksmith Animation, and is writing a project with Naomi Alderman. His work as producer has often been nominated for awards (ten times for a BAFTA), and he has even occasionally won. He was awarded the Nymphe D’Or for Outstanding European Comedy Producer in 2010, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


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